Hunters Journal Issue 13


Issue 13… And you can probably tell we’ve switched things up again.

Every four issues we’ve switched up the cover styles for the magazine, but we’ve taken it a step further.

For quite a while I’ve wanted to make the magazine landscape because I think it does better justice to the stories and photographs we share. The team were nervous about how it would be received, I personally saw their scepticism as a good thing. I want people to be a little confused when they pick up this new issue because it forces you to think a little differently, the same way we try to make all our work look a little different while trying to keep things exciting.

The magazine still features a beautiful front and rear cover allowing you to choose how it sits on the coffee table or bookshelf and is packed full of epic stories from our amazing contributors or photographers and storytellers. It’s winter after all, so plenty of missions and stories of those cold nights we all love and relate to.


Cheers, Cam


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