Hunters Journal Issue 9


Here we are with Issue 9 and, as you’ve probably noticed, we’ve redesigned the cover as we do every four issues. If you’re wondering why we do this, it’s simply to stay ahead of the design game for the hunting industry, to set an example, but also for your collections. Years down the track, we want you to have a favourite selection of covers like people have their favourite models of the Porsche 911. And we’ve certainly come into this issue with a banger of a front and rear cover image. The main cover image was photographed by Blake Clinch in his Wild Natives Ballot block this year with Khan Adam, Hamish Norts and Clay Adam. Blake is a talented photographer alone, but the way he can work with wild animals is what sets him apart. And the back cover was photographed by myself on a recent tahr ballot hunt with Ethan from Backlanz. 


Over the last few months I’ve been quiet online but active in the hills and the office. The roar and rut is always a busy time of year when I’m trying to juggle the magazine, hunting, filming and our second Movie Night. The Movie Night is worth touching on though because we’re so proud of the team that pulled it together and the hunters and non-hunters that came. We’ve attracted hunters that are like minded so the night was filled with laughs, banter, beers, stories, more beers, fireball and respect. There was a moment during the night where a hunter told the crowd he had shot his first bull tahr and admitted that it wasn’t a monster trophy to some, but he was proud of it. The crowd then applauded him for his effort and I don’t think any other magazine, show or brand in New Zealand hunting has created a space for that kind of encouragement. So yeah, I am bragging a little but I’m proud of it, and once again, at the end of the day, it’s because of all of you.

We are working out a plan to have the films online soon at our website and YouTube, so stay tuned to watch By the Cycle and Eyes to the Skies. And thank you again to everyone who made the night possible. It’s still a funny thought that we completely emptied the Hoyts beer fridge. 


But moving forward, it’s the same old for me I guess. I’ll be in the mountains and bush, following hunters and the stories they have to tell while working with the best contributors a magazine could ask for. We’ll keep working on ways to entertain hunters when they aren’t in the hills themselves. I do feel like I repeat this in each issue but I mean it – thank you all for supporting the magazine. Keep spreading the word and keep telling us about your adventures. If there are articles in here you enjoy, make sure to let the contributors know. 


Thanks again,




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