Electric Motorbikes for hunting: Are they a game changer?

Which electric bikes are best?
Well shit, it’s a hot topic in todays world. A fast evolving piece of kit and a new chapter in the word of “going for a thrash”. Don’t get me wrong, the days of dirt bikes will still linger on but these new electric models have really created their own benchmark and opened our eyes to their capabilities.

We have to mention that’ve also ran your classic pedal E-bikes and we can quickly say that we much prefer the Surron for so many reasons like comfort, speed and durability. The only advantage of of an E-bike (apart from the obvious weight) is that you have pedals incase you run out of battery. 

The E-bikes are really difficult to get up steep tricky country because you still have to pedal. Meanwhile on the Surron you can just hit the gas. 

The seat on an E-bike is insanely uncomfortable. Like man, my ass still hurts from a trip a week ago. At least with the Surron you can sit forward and rest the pack on the seat. And all of these comments included wearing a heavy backpack 

As far as electric bikes go, the range of models being produced goes far and wide, but a bike capable of handling mountainous terrain in all weather conditions really has its own place on the market.

The Surron Light Bee is what you may have seen us using on our many hunting adventures. Its taken us up river beds, through rivers, forests and even to the tops on a couple of occasions. The team at Blacksheep trading have done an outstanding job at choosing and importing a bike versatile for all environments and suitable for a rider of any ability. Not to mention the various upgrades that Blacksheep offer to make your bike perfectly suited for what you do.

are electric bikes waterproof/durability

Now this is something I was concerned about.
This is the kind of thing that even if the brochure said it was waterproof I still wouldn’t be too sure. Only through putting the Surrons through their paces have we really learnt how tough and durable they are. In fact I may or may not have completely submerged my one. An accident of course, but hey, a flooded river crossing makes a dam good field test. I was preparing myself for a long walk out but after pulling the bike up on the bank it kicked straight back to life and away we went. Not only that but 90% of the time my bike sits outside on the driveway, rain hail or shine. Most people wouldn’t expect much less from me. I do like to take care of my gear but its nice to know that it can handle it. 

The only real areas to keep dry on these bikes is the top of the battery which sits just below your seat height. They sit in a fairly well protected area so to get them wet means it would have to be in the water for a while. Even then, simply powering down the bike, removing the battery and letting it dry out will have you back on 2 wheels in no time at all. 

Aside from charging your battery, the only real maintenance youll ever have to do is; tyres, brake pads and chain. Nothing more than you’re mountain bike. 

Blacksheep trading not only offer a 3 month free service after purchasing one of their Surrons, but the amount of customising available is honestly ridiculous. A stock bike can be upgraded to have a 250% power increase and a battery with up to 100kms range. The only off roading bike you will ever need. Mine has had a larger rear sprocket installed, slightly reducing my top speed but allowing for much torquier performance when it really matters.

How long do the batteries last?

How long is a piece of string?

A relaxed person riding their bike sensibly around the high country will get up to 30-40km off a full charge. Youll notice how Ive worded that, simply because whenever I sit on the bike I pretty much thrash it everywhere and it loves it. One of the best features of the Surron is the ability to flick it into Eco mode with the flick of a switch. This is perfect for when the 4wd track turns into a bouldery river bed and you’ve really got to slow right down. It’s essentially a “low range” gear. The battery will last considerably longer in Eco and get you a long way from the end of the track. Once the track is back to fair ground, simply flick it into sport and you can happily cruise at 70kmh all the way home.   


how much are they worth?

The Surrons are a pretty fair price for what they offer in my opinion. Their mid range bikes range from $5000 to $9000, which is understandably a lot of money to spend on something some people would consider a “toy”. I thought so too for a while, but consider the benefits when compared to your dirt bike. Youll spend nothing on petrol, maintenance is about as minimal as it gets and the thing is just so dam convenient and easy to ride. You’ll end up using it 10x the amount of your dirt bike that has to be pulled out of the shed, have the spark plug cleaned, topped up with fuel and then warmed up before you can ride. No hot exhaust, no noise and no warm up, just turn the key and you’re away.

What’s the catch? 


tech specs

  • Aluminium forged frame
  • Weighs around 50kg
  • Seat hight 830mm
  • Max power of 5000W
  • Max torque 250Nm
  • Top speed of 75kmh
  • 100km range @ 20kmh
  • 60V Lithium ion removable battery
  • Charge time 3-4 hours
  • Sports & eco mode 


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