The WAP (Warm as Puffer)


Every now and then you come across a product that is just too good not to share, and that’s why we’ve added our custom-built down jackets to the Hunters Journal store.

In our opinion, this is the best puffer jacket you can get for your money. They’re made in New Zealand, the Goose Down is sourced from Europe and not China (Trust us, this makes a difference) and has been designed by a couple of our hunters.

We’ve created this jacket to suit the experienced backpack hunter who demands high performing gear. And we’ll be honest, this jacket isn’t made for doing jobs around the house because of the lightweight Nylon outer, Khan Adam tested this by getting up with a nail and let’s just say the jacket didn’t win but it was an easy fix. It’s made for being in a pack and being pulled out when it’s time for glassing or hanging around camp.

If you’re looking at comparing this to other jackets to find something that’s right for you, then we highly recommend also looking at the Chamberlin Down by Firstlite.

These jackets are made to order, so allow up to 2 weeks before they arrive at your door.


  • A goosedown feather held between finger and thumb Fill: 100% European Goose Down. 750 loft


  • Water droplets on a grey fabric Outer: Water-resistant, quick-dry, low absorption, packable and comfortable


  • Dark grey fabric swatch Inner: Charcoal grey Pertex



  • DWR finish 80/20


  • 20d nylon tricot backing


  • 30k/30k PU hydrophilic milky dot lamination


  • 20d x 20d Nylon

Honestly, you’d be silly not to order this jacket. And you’ll thank us later.



Orders will be shipped Monday each week.

All Prices in NZD.

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