Hunters Journal Issue 10


Welcome back. It feels like a damn long time since issue 9, and I appreciate you all being so patient. We’re a very small team, who work hard, and don’t compromise on quality. When we hit another lockdown that meant we couldn’t get into the hills for our planned hunts, let alone get the magazine printed without compromising on quality. So here we finally are, with another stunning issue, and some incredible memories captured to share with you lot. Once again, this magazine has taken me on some pretty epic adventures, and with the extra time for this issue, I’ve had the chance to really explore some new country and make new friends. You’ll read about most of it further into these pages, but the last two images at the end of ‘The Rant’ are some of my personal favorites, even though I wouldn’t consider them exceptional photos; it’s because of how damn hard Sambar deer are to stalk in the bush. 

I feel like we’re starting to reach the point where creating a magazine with 144 pages is becoming a little more comfortable, and honestly it’s pretty exciting. 


Something pretty cool has happened in the last 6 months. That was getting two new team members. Firstly, there’s Charlie Hay who has jumped on board as our digital marketing specialist. You’ll likely never see much of Charlie because he spends most of his time behind a computer, surfing or playing for a really crappy band called ‘The Cloobs’. His role isn’t totally relevant to the magazine itself, it’s a service we offer the brands and companies we work with. But still a part of the HJ team nonetheless. 

The next team member is Thomas Greenaway, unfortunately you will see more of this guy but it’s worth it. He’ll be helping us photograph hunts along with helping the video and editing side. When he joined the team I got too many comments about how he looked like my younger brother with his long hair, so I had to change that. I cut him a real dirty mullet, and ever since he’s never had so much success on Tinder. 


Even with all the bullshit going on, I’m really looking forward to next year and the adventures, films and friends to make. I will admit, I get pretty anxious about how the future will play out. So instead of talking about the same old politics, we should get into the mountains to enjoy what we’ve got. Even bring a mate so you can have some banter that’ll never be repeated outside of that hunt. But also, while you have the chance in the mountains, or on a lazy Sunday, make sure to call a mate and ask him how he’s doing. How he’s really doing. 






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