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Prove us wrong – We’ve found the very best hunting backpacks

The Stone Glacier Sky 6900 Backpack: The Ultimate Hunting Backpack I’m confident in promoting these packs to any hunter because I’m speaking from a couple of years of experience hunting with these packs. But even more than that, many of our friends are also running these packs and have all sung praises similar to mine.  We have been using the Sky Talus 5900-6900 and the Terminus 8700. But as you’ll see on the Stone Glacier website, there’s a wide range

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Gas Cookers: They’ve been around a while now—but which one should you purchase?

Which Gas cooker is best? To me this is an easy answer, but thats only because Ive asked the question so many times before, and being in my position allows me to get plenty of opportunities to really test these things out. The MSR Windburner. has made itself a permanent spot win my pack The American made beast and has proved to be one of the most reliable pieces of kit that Ive used. It has a super sturdy design

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Best Sleeping Bag for Hunting in New Zealand?

Which sleeping bags are best? EDIT: Ok this question got a little harder since we’ve tried and tested the new Bushbuck Sierra 650 sleeping bag. You check out the full review here.    But I personally still think the One Planet Winterlite -12 bag is my favourite bag for hunting in NZ, but the down sides of the One Planet that I don’t mind, might be a make or break for you.  I would always suggest owning two sleeping bags though –

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RANT: “I am a hunter; therefore, I am a “conservationist”.

OPINION PIECE BY KURAN IRELAND This term “conservationist” seems to be becoming more prevalent amongst the New Zealand hunting circles, but how accurate or relevant is it and why is it gaining popularity? Before I go any further, please understand this is only my point of view on the potential misuse of the conservationist wording, it does “give me the shits”, but this short rant is only intended as a thought-provoking discussion, not an attack against the use of such

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