Gas Cookers: They’ve been around a while now—but which one should you purchase?

Which Gas cooker is best?

To me this is an easy answer, but thats only because Ive asked the question so many times before, and being in my position allows me to get plenty of opportunities to really test these things out. The MSR Windburner. has made itself a permanent spot win my pack

The American made beast and has proved to be one of the most reliable pieces of kit that Ive used. It has a super sturdy design and can handle being stuffed into the bottom of your pack and forgotten about. The main feature being the enclosed wind barrier design around the burner to completely cut out any wind that may blow out the flame, giving it the upper edge over the jetboil or other traditional styled burners. 

There’s a fairly broad range of burners on the market today and like any product, there are pros and cons to all of them. What some products lack, others make up for, but your not going to carry around 3 cookers just so you have the perfect product so its just about finding what works best for you and suits your style of hunting. Both Jetboil & MSR have designed a range of cookers to suit your needs and budget, so here’s a list of a few of our favourites and some honest feedback. 



– Great simmer control

– Cup is easy to eat from 

– Wide range of accessories 

– Solid folding handle


– Ignitors always break

– Average in wind

– Awkward size in pack 



– Fast boil time 


– Unreliable



– Super reliable

– Solid design

– Great in windy conditions

– Made in USA


– Fairly slow to boil

– Needs a lighter

– Flimsy fabric handle



–  Small and packs away nicely

– Durable, tough build

– Cheap 


– Heavy 

– Difficult to simmer

– More complicated than canister burner


what gas works best for cookers?

The most reliable and trustworthy gas for your cooker is a mix of Iso-butane and propane or (ISOPRO), and burns well in both warm and freezing temperatures. 

MSR ISOPRO gas bottles are available in 110g and 227g to suit your requirements and pack space. The 227g bottle being the most common as you’d rather have a little too much gas than not enough. With a burn time of 95 minutes, the 227g bottle allows you to boil up to 18L of water on the hill.   

 Half empty gas canisters

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably have a pile of half used gas canisters that have been written off in the corner. There not worth carrying on a big trip so you just head down to the store and buy a new one every time. Its a bit of a waste and before you know it you’re overrun with the things. So here’s a handy wee tool to keep that wastage down. 

A gas convertor is designed to act as a tap between 2 gas canisters to allow you to refill those half empties and stick them back in your pack.