Rant: “Having a firearm is a privilege, not a right.”

We’ve all heard the rhetoric “having a firearm is a privilege not a right” and personally I don’t entirely disagree with that statement. By now we are also no doubt well versed in the unintended consequences of the law changes this hapless government seems to keep ramming down our throats. Due to recent legislative changes what is now quite true is the fact that we as firearms license holders are held to a much higher standard than the general public,

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RANT: “I am a hunter; therefore, I am a “conservationist”.

OPINION PIECE BY KURAN IRELAND This term “conservationist” seems to be becoming more prevalent amongst the New Zealand hunting circles, but how accurate or relevant is it and why is it gaining popularity? Before I go any further, please understand this is only my point of view on the potential misuse of the conservationist wording, it does “give me the shits”, but this short rant is only intended as a thought-provoking discussion, not an attack against the use of such

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The Carbon Neutral Hunter

Like many in the hunting community, my hunting journey ramped up by skipping lectures on a Friday, picking up my mate in Lincoln and walking as far as we could looking for a flat feed after a big night out. But three years into my degree in Ecology and Economics the high country wanders have started taking on a new meaning for me. I started noticing all the plants that weren’t meant to be there, the natives that had been

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