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Bushbuck Sleeping Bag Review: The Sierra 650.

Images supplied by Bushbuck as I couldn’t be F’d taking images after our days hunting. Introduction: In the realm of outdoor exploration, a good night’s sleep is the cornerstone of a successful hunt. And that was prominent on our most recent adventure that involved cold and wet days hunting, with temperatures dropping well below zero overnight—I couldn’t think of a better time to test out the new Bushbuck Sierra 650 Sleeping Bag, a recent addition to the Sierra sleeping bag

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Electric Motorbikes for hunting: Are they a game changer?

Which electric bikes are best? Well shit, it’s a hot topic in todays world. A fast evolving piece of kit and a new chapter in the word of “going for a thrash”. Don’t get me wrong, the days of dirt bikes will still linger on but these new electric models have really created their own benchmark and opened our eyes to their capabilities. We have to mention that’ve also ran your classic pedal E-bikes and we can quickly say that

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What should you pack for your Fiordland hunting trip?

Overview on every Item Tim packed for his Fiordland hunt. Tim Shulpen, he’s the kind of guy that you want to hear his opinions on almost any hunting gear. He makes us laugh because of how he immerses deep into researching anything and everything to do with hunting. But even more than that, he goes bloody hard in the mountains so he actually develops an In-Field understanding of the product he’s spent weeks researching.  So we wanted to take advantage

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