Team Taco – Big Westcoast Chamois Bucks

What would you pick out of paper, scissors or rock? And how careful would you be about your decision if you knew it meant possibly shooting the biggest chamois buck you’ll ever have a chance at hunting? Here’s another question: have you thought of pretending to be gay to make it to a girls sleep over party? Well that’s kind of what I did… Moana Robb, Kate Bryant, Kim Lawson, Ashlee Strange and Sammi Holland have all just landed on

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A Non-Hunter’s Thoughts on the Tahr Cull

Click here to watch the film taken from issue 6“A Difficult Treasure” It’s easy to not want to involve yourself mentally in every single news story fed to us via TV, social media and our timelines. It’s understandable that we have a limitation on how much we can take on and process, especially when right now it feels like there are so many things that are demanding our minds and attention.  The crusade against tahr is one of those things.

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Ducking Shooting Opening Weekend w/ the Hunters Club

My hunting legacy was passed down to me by my old man and has been shaped through the scope of a rifle and the lens of a camera while in search of big game. But for some time now I have been keen to expand my horizons and found myself becoming curious about what draws duck hunters to pursue their quarry. So early on in 2020 I tossed around the idea of tagging along with Anto Hall, a passionate waterfowler

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