A Non-Hunter’s Thoughts on the Tahr Cull

Click here to watch the film taken from issue 6“A Difficult Treasure” It’s easy to not want to involve yourself mentally in every single news story fed to us via TV, social media and our timelines. It’s understandable that we have a limitation on how much we can take on and process, especially when right now it feels like there are so many things that are demanding our minds and attention.  The crusade against tahr is one of those things.

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FILMED BY THE HUNTERS JOURNAL Behind The Film Join Pedro Ampuero in his adventure to the Altai Mountains of Mongolia in pursue of ibex with the bow. A documentary that covers a journey of unconditional persistence, the emotions of Bowhunting and the humongous effort required when someone faces such a challenge of trying to harvest an ibex with bow and arrow. A trip to the remote parts of Mongolia, living with the nomads and sharing hunting as a common

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Dream Time

A FILM CREATED BY THE HUNTERS JOURNAL Behind The Film When the Department of Conservation decided to enact its Operational Plan for 2020 – 2021 without true consultation of the hunting community, we felt propelled to do something. Something that would show our true heart, and our true love for Tahr. So we decided to introduce 4 non-hunters to this thing that we loved so much. We knew that if we could show them the animal, show them how we

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