Wild Fire

A FILM CREATED BY THE HUNTERS JOURNAL Behind The Film We’ll do our best to introduce you to a man called Khan Adam. He’s been with The Hunters Journal from the start, so naturally we decided to bring the camera along on a couple of his adventures to show the start of his bow hunting career. This is just one small part we’re showing of Khan since he’s also a businessman, conservationist, hunter, husband and father. Like most hunters

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Ducking Shooting Opening Weekend w/ the Hunters Club

My hunting legacy was passed down to me by my old man and has been shaped through the scope of a rifle and the lens of a camera while in search of big game. But for some time now I have been keen to expand my horizons and found myself becoming curious about what draws duck hunters to pursue their quarry. So early on in 2020 I tossed around the idea of tagging along with Anto Hall, a passionate waterfowler

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By The Cycle

Three months after the success of our premiere night in Christchurch – an event that we put on for hunters to enjoy some films, beers, catch-ups and introductions to other hunters – I found myself staring at the back of Nick Harrison’s backpack with aching knees, worn out feet and wind punching rain into every part of my exposed outer layers and my poor attempt of a dry bag for the video camera. Even though I kept making poor excuses

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