Best Sleeping Bag for Hunting in New Zealand?

Which sleeping bags are best? EDIT: Ok this question got a little harder since we’ve tried and tested the new Bushbuck Sierra 650 sleeping bag. You check out the full review here.    But I personally still think the One Planet Winterlite -12 bag is my favourite bag for hunting in NZ, but the down sides of the One Planet that I don’t mind, might be a make or break for you.  I would always suggest owning two sleeping bags though –

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RANT: “I am a hunter; therefore, I am a “conservationist”.

OPINION PIECE BY KURAN IRELAND This term “conservationist” seems to be becoming more prevalent amongst the New Zealand hunting circles, but how accurate or relevant is it and why is it gaining popularity? Before I go any further, please understand this is only my point of view on the potential misuse of the conservationist wording, it does “give me the shits”, but this short rant is only intended as a thought-provoking discussion, not an attack against the use of such

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NZ Game Animal Management

Looking After Our Game Animals – game animal management project

Looking After Our Game Animals Being a hunter brings with it great reward, but also a high degree of responsibility. This not only means hunting safely and being properly trained in the safe use of firearms and the necessary backcountry skills, it also means looking after our game animal herds and the precious habitats they live in. The majority of hunting in New Zealand takes place on public conservation land, which covers nearly one-third of the country. The freedom of

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